BigData, Highest hit-ratio
SAT, Civil Service Exam
What's on the exam?

"What's on the exam?" is the Application which provides the list of words with 85% of hit-ratio, using bigdata analysis with the latest collection of previous exams

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Powerful Features of
What's on the exam?

High hit-ratio
Quiz, My Collection, Example sentences

  • Words of high hit-ratio(3,000/5,000 words)
  • Sentences in real previous exams
  • Hide meaning, TTS, My Collections,and more...

With thorough analysis of each exams
We provide 7 kinds of word list

SAT, Seventh Grade, Ninth Grade, Police, National Assembly, Court,
Seoul civil Service

What is my weakest word?

Using quiz result
The more incorrect,
The ticker blue on the left side

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